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At Mayer Brothers, our focus is on safely delivering your food and beverage products to their destination—on time, every time.

Our approach to trucking and logistics allows us to offer the best service in the industry year-round, including during the high-pressure harvest season. This keeps cider and water in stock on our customers shelves—even during short lead-time situations.

Professional Drivers and Staff

Our trucking and logistics team consists of experienced, safe, and reliable drivers and supporting staff. With decades of experience, they know the importance of being courteous and helpful. We have pride in our name, and know that we are also representatives for every customer that we haul for.

Safety & Reliability

With a CSA rating that exceeds industry standards and a 99.8% on-time service history, we have numerous tractors, trailers, tankers, and bulk transport trailers delivering food and beverage products over the road every day.

  • Vehicle Maintenance. We have five full time dedicated mechanics working on our fleet to ensure each vehicle is at peak performance and reliability.
  • Driver Training. Drivers are trained to maintain safe operations and are held to the highest of standards.
  • Client Engagement. Communication is key, and we’re always available.

Shipping Options

We offer a range of food and beverage transportation options, between NY and anywhere in New England:

  • Temperature-controlled Shipping. Refrigerated shipping for perishable and frozen goods.
  • Dry Van Services. 48-foot and 53-foot trailer options.
  • Tanker Service. For products that require specialized shipping.
  • Tandem Trailers. Double trailer services, allowing you to ship two truckloads via one truck.