BBQ Sauces & Relish


15-oz. to 15.5-oz. Bottles & Jars

Get grillin’ with our most popular BBQ sauces—Apple Butter (15-oz. bottles) and Raspberry Chipotle (15.5-oz. bottles)—as well as our Sweet Hot Pepper Relish (15-oz. jars). Just pour the pepper relish over a brick of cream cheese and you will be the hit at your next BBQ.

  • The “Let’s Get Grillin'” Gift Pack of our BBQ sauces (Apple Butter, Raspberry Chipotle, and Sriracha) is a great gift for that grill master who loves to spice up your favorite protein.
  • The “WNY Tailgaters Gift Pack includes our Apple Butter BBQ Sauce, Sweet Hot Pepper Relish, Apple Salsa, and Buffalo Wing Dip Mix.
  • The “Fall Time Favs” Gift Pack includes our Summer Sausage, Extra-sharp Cheese, Cinnamon Apple Jelly, and Sweet Hot Pepper Relish.
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