The Mayer Brothers corporate philosophy is and always has been to operate its facilities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

By Users Cbuckley, Jpowell on en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsFollowing the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle has long been a company objective and has enhanced the company’s ability to compete via cost savings and reductions, as well as ethical corporate stewardship. Broadly speaking, the environmental footprint of the Mayer facilities has decreased proportionally in spite of the company’s growth.

The advantageous location of our manufacturing facilities in Western New York minimizes transportation of raw materials, fruit, produce, and water. Working with local vendors whenever possible reduces CO2 emissions by reducing the need for transportation. Our extensive blow-molding (creating our own bottles) capacity further reduces the environmental impact of transportation. Listed below are some of the many green initiatives instituted over the years.

  • Reduction of the amount of plastic used in HDPE and PET bottles to current industry recognized minimums without compromise of quality
  • Application of laser coding technology where applicable to reduce the amount of solvents used in manufacturing or disposal
  • Pallet programs include on-site pallet refurbishment that reduces trucking/transportation, reduces wood waste, and allows for more efficient recycle of wood
  • Use of synthetic food grade lubricants that reduce the amount of petrochemical waste
  • A comprehensive heavy lubricant recycling program
  • Application of new cutting edge technology that reduces waste-water discharge and conveyor soaps
  • Industry leading recycling program that results in the recycling of virtually every bit of paper, cardboard, or plastic leaving the facility. Participating with local waste removal companies to encourage the recycling of post consumer waste by providing the additional volume to make their operations profitable. Mayer Brothers’ recycle volume in 2012 exceeded 9000 tons. Recycle volume for 2013 was over 12,900 tons of material!
  • Elimination of aerosol sprays and propellants. Current solvents are environmentally preferred products (EPP) containing no ozone depleting materials. Solvents eliminated include: MEK, minerals spirits; toluene; CFCs, and VOCs.
  • Mayer Brothers partners with ECS (Energy Curtailment Services) in programs that reduce energy consumption (lighting, peak reduction, electronics motor starting, variable frequency drives, etc.)
  • Mayer Brothers design teams are designing production and process expansions and upgrades, with energy and material conservation as a primary focus. Heating and cooling applications utilizing regenerative capacities are an example.
  • Mayer Brothers has refocused core recycling contracts with local re-processors vs. material wholesalers

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